Saturday, 3 December 2011

water changes everythings!!!


what is water?? water is so important for us... because our body contain 70% of water.
water is a basic molecule made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen atom.
water is the most important common substances on the Earth.Covering over 70% of the surface of the Earth, it is easy to find.  Most of the Earth's Water is found in the oceans.

besides, water can be exists in many types condition. water is a liquid at ambient conditions, solid taste as ice and gaseous state when water vapor or steam.
Water on Earth moves continually through the hydrological cycle of evaporation and transpiration (evapo-transpiration), condensation, precipitation and runoff and finally reaching to the sea.

new for me !!!

i'm glad to open a new blog for myself.
from here i can always post many information bout my teaching...

i hope i can post those information that can help my student.

hope my dreams will come true.